Architecture, Construction & Engineering Charter High School

Architecture Construction and Engineering Charter High School – inventing the future while honoring the past since 2010. ACE is an authorized IB World School for CP & California's only stand-alone IBCP school.

Counselor/Administrator Day at ACE Charter High School

ACE Charter High School is in it's second year of it's new identity. Although this is the 5th year that the school has been around - we were branded as "an alternative" or "a continuation" school at the start our inception and with all of the new changes in curriculum, scheduling, teachers, administration, and resources, with re-branding, the obvious is that we are a new, rigorous, and small learning community which prepares students to be college and career ready, post graduation.

Every ACE student is issued a Google Chromebook, which comes complete with the gamut of Google for Education apps and software. We also use Pearson etext, which students have installed on the Chromebooks as well, which mean no heavy books, everything is paperless and online, and whether it's flipping the classroom or enabling intrinsic and hands-on projects - the learning never stops. We have A-G approved courses, AP courses, our students participate with MOOC/Coursera, 4 classes articulated with Ventura College so students can obtain 12 college credits before graduating for free, and an internship program which is a graduation requirement and the culmination of a 3 year track program of study within one of the three themes of our school and presented in front of a panel of judges in which students defend their thesis derived from the internship experience.

We earnestly want to get the message out to middle schools and high schools within the county and districts, that ACE Charter High School is progressive, it's competitive, and it's a safe and small learning environment with equipment which exceeds the industry standard with software, technology, tools, and all resources pertaining to education.

With that said, give us an hour of your time and enjoy some light refreshments and see what other options exist for your students.

When: Thursday, November 6, 2014 9:30-11:00am

Where: 570 Airport Way Camarillo, CA 93010

Do I RSVP?? Sure, we'd appreciate it if you did, but if you're unsure, don't let that stop you from swinging by. You can RSVP or ask any questions to this email. We look forward to meeting you.