About Mr. McGeer

Mr. McGeer grew up in the Free State in South Africa. In 2002, he completed his degree in education at the University of the North West, majoring in physics, chemistry, and math.

His early education career began at the middle school level and before long he moved to high school education with a focus on the fields of science.

In 2008 Mr. McGeer received an award for excellence in secondary education. On the back of this the Fulbright program reached out to him and the US State Department invited him to teach in upstate New York in 2010. In the past 8 years he has been teaching at Jeppe High School for Boys in Johannesburg and was the head of the department. Jeppe is the oldest boys school in Johannesburg starting in 1890.

Now at ACE Charter High School, Mr. McGeer hopes to bring his love of the sciences to the students here. He truly believes that science can no longer be seen as an elitist subject and in our modern world it has become accessible to all. He hopes to expose all students to the importance of this subject and possibly inspire future Einsteins.

He was a semi-professional cricket player and enjoy most team sports as he believes in the value it adds to a person's character. More recently he has found a love for golf and enjoys being outside with friends. His philosophy is to live strong, remember his roots and be the best version of himself each day.