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ACE Independent PE Program 2018/2019

Welcome to ACE Charter High School’s Independent Physical Education course 2018/2019.  This course is designed to allow students to fulfill PE requirements for graduation.  This is not a classroom class, and therefore all work is to be done by the student on his or her own free time outside of school hours.  This allows students the freedom to choose their own activities and count extracurricular activities for credit, but it also assumes students will faithfully fulfill the class requirements on their own.  I am the administrator of this course only.  A student is responsible for turning in his or her PE logs to me on or before the due dates listed below. I will send out periodic email reminders and I will make periodic school-wide announcements.  The freedom to choose that we are providing here assumes a level of self-ownership on the part of each individual student.  

All 9th grade students will be participating in the California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) in April 2019. This will be an on-campus assessment that is given per CA Ed Code. No data or scoring results will be used for or against your student by ACE in any way and ACE does not require additional PE credit for failed tests.



This is a 10 unit year length course that is composed of two semesters.  A final semester grade will be assigned after each semester. 


Semester Dates:

               1st  Semester: August 13 to December 20

               2nd  Semester: January 8 to May 23


Class Requirement:

In order to receive credit for the course, all students must complete and log at least 200 minutes of physical activity per-week.  Students are required to turn in completed PE logs by the listed due dates. 


Acceptable Physical Activities:

Any activity that raises a student’s heart rate to a level where that student would have difficulty speaking counts:  skateboarding, surfing, cycling, running, jumping rope, or playing sports count towards credit.  Activities such as walking to school or playing video games do not count.  A student must physically exert his or herself for credit to be given.


Log Due Dates For Semester 1:

  • August 31 – 2 Total weeks of logs due
  • September 28 – 4 Total weeks of logs due – 1st Quarter grade is based on 6 weeks of logs
  • October 31 – 4 Total weeks of logs due
  • November 30 – 5 Total weeks of logs due
  • December 20 – 3 Total weeks of logs due – 1st Semester grade

Log Due Dates For Semester 2:

  • January 31 – 3 Total weeks of logs due
  • February 28 – 4 Total weeks of logs due – 1st Quarter grade is based on 7 weeks of logs
  • March 29 – 5 Total weeks of logs due
  • April 26 – 3 Total weeks of logs due  (no logs are required for Spring Break)
  • May 17 –  3 Total weeks of logs due  -- 2nd Semester grade

Please Note: I will not accept logs that are late and I will not back credit hours.  The focus is not the number of hours per-semester, the focus is the number of hours per each week of the semester.  


Copies of the PE logs can be found in three different places:

               1) The Office

               2) My website



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