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Independent Study Program

ACE Charter Independent Study Program



Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ACE is offering an Independent Study program this year. The program is run on the APEX platform, and students will be given the same core courses that they are responsible for mastery within their grade levels, with a selection of electives as well. 

Each student will be responsible for 2 APEX classes at one time, and these classes are to be worked on daily. California Law requires any student in the independent study program to log on to APEX for 240 minutes a day. You will have 3 teachers working with you weekly, to assist with your course content, unlocking unit work, and for tutoring purposes. During this time, we will be able to provide Special Education services to students that may need it as well. 

The teachers will communicate with the students via email during the week, and for an hour once a week via zoom - to monitor progress and assist when needed. Students can make additional meetings if they need it by request. 

Any student/family interested in the ACE Charter Independent Study program, will have the opportunity to do so with completing the following:

  1. Read, sign, and return the ACE Family/Student Contract.
  2. Read, and understand the ACE Probation Plan. 
  3. Read, and understand our Tiered Engagement Plan. 
  4. Return the signed forms to the ACE office asap for processing. 

Classes can begin as soon as you register! You are not mandated to stay in Independent Study should you want to come back to in-person instruction!

ACE Independent Study Policy Documents