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Attendance Policy


Please report excused absences to the main office at 805-437-1410



Students are expected to be in class on time daily in order to receive maximum benefits from the instructional program. Students absent from school for any length of time (one period, one day, or many days) must verify the absence by a phone call or a note from a parent/ guardian within 5 days. Attendance procedures must be followed even after the student’s 18th birthday.



  1. Tardiness at the beginning of school is unacceptable and is cleared only with a note or call from a parent/guardian within five school days.
  2. Unexcused tardies during the school day will result in disciplinary action.
  3. Students identified with habitual tardies will be placed on attendance contracts.
  4. Students can have two excused tardies per semester before an initial conference with parent/guardian is requested. .
  5. Every unexcused tardy results in 1 cafeteria cleanup detention.
  6. Checking into a class equal to or more than 30 minutes late is considered a cut.
  7. Any unverified absence or cut results in 2 days of cafeteria cleanup.



  1. Students can be assigned cleanup detention for attendance or behavior related offenses.
  2. Detention is held during or after lunch each day
  3. Students sign in before and sign out after they have completed clean up in the main office.
  4. Students that are assigned cleanup detention must begin serving on the issued day.
  5. Failure to serve cleanup detention the following day will result in the addition of 1 day of detention to their total.



ACE Charter High School authorizes certain absences to be classified as "excused" if they are for the following reasons:

  1. Illness or injury – with doctor’s note
  2. Having medical or dental services rendered – with doctor’s note
  3. Quarantine under the direction of a County or City Health Officer.
  4. Funeral/memorial service and/or bereavement.
  5. Court Appearance.
  6. Religious holidays.



  1. Verification of absences are to be made by telephone or note from the parent/guardian or doctor indicating the date and reason. Telephone calls should be made the same day as the absence. 
  2. Failure to clear an absence by a telephone call or a note within three (3) days will result in an unexcused absence.



  1. ACE will exhaust all of the following in attempt to remedy truancy:
    • Phone calls
    • Conferences with all necessary parties
    • Letters of documentation
    • In certain cases, a SARB file will be created.
  2. A student, who is absent without a valid excuse, will be subject to disciplinary action.


  1. ACE Charter High School is a closed campus. Guests are not permitted unless cleared by the main office.
  2. Parents, pre-scheduled guest speakers, or military guests need to sign in at the ACE main office.
  3. Permission to leave campus must be communicated by written note, phone call, or a personal appearance by the parent/guardian prior to the school authorizing the student to leave campus.
  4. Students wishing to leave campus for lunch must be checked out in person by a parent/guardian. Students requesting permission to do so, must be approved by the principal.
  5. Parent’s Responsibility: Write a note containing:
    • Student’s first & last name.
    • Date, time and reason the student is leaving.
    • Your signature and daytime phone number.
  6. Student’s Responsibility:
    • Bring note to the attendance window before school, at break, or at lunch to receive a check-out slip.
    • Show the check out slip to the teacher at the beginning of class and watch the clock to leave on time.
    • Agree with parent/guardian on a place to be picked up.
    • Students MUST check in at attendance window upon late arrival or return to campus any time from 7:45a.m. – 3:15p.m.
  7. While ACE Charter High School understands that sometimes scheduling conflicts between school and outside appointments are unavoidable, please make sure to always attempt to schedule medical, dental, and other appointments for after the school day. If it is mandatory that you need to pull your son/daughter from school, please pre-arrange a time to meet in front of the attendance office.
  8. Failure to comply with the above discipline policy will result in disciplinary action.



Students who foresee being absent for three (3) or more days must speak with the principal prior.



  1. A student who attempts to clear an absence through a forged note or an impersonated phone call will have the absence declared a truancy and will receive disciplinary action for the forgery.
  2. A student must be in attendance the full regular school day of a scheduled event, contest, or extra-curricular activity to be eligible to participate. There are possible exceptions, subject to interpretations by the principal.
  3. A student is considered absent from class if they miss 30 minutes or more of a class.