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ACE Migrant and EL Policy

                 ACE Charter High School – Migrant & English Learner Policy


There are more than 2,000 Migrant students eligible for services in the Oxnard Union High School District and the Ventura County Office of Education, which ACE resides. These are students whose parent or guardian (or the student living independently) has moved or migrated within the last three years with the principal intention of seeking temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing activity. Students may be eligible until 21 years of age.


ACE Charter recognizes that children of migratory workers have special educational and health needs. The Board authorizes a supplementary instructional support program using available federal funds so that students will have continuity of their educational progress, help to overcome language barriers, and motivation for consistent attendance at school. The Board encourages parents/guardians and staff to support and assist each other in all such efforts.


ACE Charter High School makes use of available funds to provide supplementary services for our migrant and EL population. The principal shall ensure that children eligible for migrant and EL services are correctly identified and enrolled in a comprehensive academic program appropriate to the students' needs. It is the Board's expectation that, with supplemental instructional support, migrant and EL education students will demonstrate the following outcomes:


  • that they will maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0, or a "C" average;
  • that they will maintain grade level status with their graduating class;
  • that they will pass their proficiency tests prior to the end of grade 12;
  • that they will not have a dropout rate in excess of the norm for the school;


ACE conducts an initial evaluation of incoming students using a number of resources and strategies including and not limited to: home language identification on enrollment packets, outreach to feeder schools, CELDT scores.  Post an initial evaluation of incoming levels, ACE will conduct CELDT testing to obtain current results of EL levels, then create an academic schedule accordingly.  ACE monitors progression throughout the school year and scaffolds instruction in all subject area classes.  EL and migrant worker students are then tested again towards the end of the year to track progression and identify targeted areas for further instructional practice.  Upon a successful score equating an EL student to test out, ACE continues to provide and offer services to migrant worker students and EL students regardless up until and even after, graduation.


ACE provides supplemental instruction to migrant and EL students throughout their high school years up through the age of 21 years. Such services include:

  • A team of admin, office staff, and the counselor coordinate the identification and initial migrant student assessment and provide supplementary individual academic and personal guidance
  • All information sent home will be translated
  • Certificated teachers assist credit deficient students enrolled in the APEX program
  • Activities designed to promote leadership, self-esteem, college and career guidance, and multicultural appreciation
  • Referrals for emergency medical services as needed and available
  • Opportunities for staff development related to serving migrant and EL students and families
  • Regular communication to migrant and EL parents designed to promote an understanding of and participation in their child's education through regularly scheduled school site and district Migrant Parent Advisory Council meetings and activities