About Ms. Nikkhah

Ms. Nikkhah started traveling and experiencing living in different parts of the world since she was 18 to fulfill the passion to see more, to get to know people with different cultures and to hear them speak, sing and live in their unique way, which to this day is something that she cherishes. She was born and raised in a city called Isfahan which has the nickname “Half of the world”. A city that with its magnificent architecture, art, turquoise tiles, a wide and majestic river that runs throughout the entire city, its warm and multicolored spices and amazingly kind people, filled her with passion for life, art, and architecture.
She moved to Tehran, the capital, right after high school, to pursue art and architecture in one of its greater universities and had the most fulfilling 4 years of academic life. Without wasting any time, after graduating from university in Tehran, she moved to Milan, Italy, to study architecture at Politecnico Di Milano, and just like she imagined, it was an amazing experience. Then she moved to California in 2005 and started studying Interior Design at VC which was a great addition to her previous studies. After completing that course, she began working in the Architecture and Interior architecture field for 10 years.
Following her passion for teaching and transferring her experience to students, Ms. Nikkhah started teaching at ACE Charter High since 2017 and is proud to be a part of the ACE team. Her goal, all day every day and every single moment is to guide our students to be as happy, healthy, kind and successful as they can ever be and she will do everything she possibly can to help them through their journey at high school and in life.