Architecture, Construction & Engineering Charter High School

Architecture Construction and Engineering Charter High School – inventing the future while honoring the past since 2010. ACE is an authorized IB World School for CP & California's only stand-alone IBCP school.

ACE raises the bar with a Chromebook for EVERY STUDENT!!!

On September 18th, ACE Charter High School took another huge step in becoming the school of choice for engineering, construction, and architecture, in Ventura County. Principal Joe Clausi stated, "We purchased a chromebook for every student, because we understand that the skills our students gain from this initiative will have an astounding impact on their ability to learn, their endurance of the content and knowledge, and most of all their exposure to real world, applicable skills, which will best prepare them upon graduation to be college AND-OR career ready." Mr. Clausi stressed AND-OR because that is organically tied to the mission and vision of ACE Charter, and he firmly believes this initiative will not only attract students, but best serve the existing ones to achieve such a goal for graduation.

In addition to the chromebooks, ACE purchased Pearson etexts for all core curriculum and the gamut of apps included in the Google Apps for Education package, which is quickly becoming the most widely used educational web-based application available. The staff are happy because it is proving to make their teaching easier, and the students are all benefiting from this initiative because the potential for learning is endless.

Come to ACE and see for yourself!!!!