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ACE Student Dress Code

ACE Charter High School

Dress Code Policy

The dress code at ACE Charter High School is in place for the safety of your student and will be enforced. Please read and discuss with your student the items that are appropriate and inappropriate for school.

Dress Code Goals:
1. Promote a productive school environment where students feel safe and learning can take place.
2. Set a tone that ACE Charter High School is an educational institution where students should present themselves in a dignified manner that promotes success.
3. Affirm our commitment to a “Zero Tolerance” for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gang attire.
4. To allow self-expression without being vulgar, crude or offensive to others.

Clothing/Apparel that is disruptive and should not be worn at ACE Charter High School:
1. Clothing which compromises modesty including, but not limited to Bare midriff/crop, tops/strapless, tops/halter, tops/see-through tops, & clothing that resembles undergarments or clothing that resembles sleepwear.
2. Clothing that allows underwear to be exposed.
3. Clothing/apparel considered to be dangerous or a health hazard including but not limited to: chains, wallet chains, stud/spike bracelets or collars.
4. Clothing that advertises controlled substances, denotes membership in a group that advocates drug use, gang or disruptive behavior, is considered to be offensive or that is distracting to the learning process.
5. Clothing associated with negative group behavior.
6. Hats, beanies, or other head coverings that contain logos, or insignias other than the ACE Charter school logos or colors.
7. Slippers are not allowed and open-toed shoes may not be allowed in some classes for safety reasons. If a student wears inappropriate shoes in the construction classes, they will not be allowed to participate in the class for the day.

As part of the enrollment packet, each parent and student affirm they have read, understand and will follow the dress code for ACE Charter High School. Parents and students understand that dress code violations will result in the item being confiscated, a parent conference, and/or the parent/guardian taking the student home to remedy the dress code violation.