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Mission and Vision


The mission and vision of Architecture Construction and Engineering (ACE) Charter High School is to provide a scientific, technical, analytical, and liberal arts based high school experience from a contextually global mindset and through progressive and collaborative teaching practices.

Through career programme pathways, ACE students explore a rigorous, contextual, project-based curriculum that prepares students for lifelong learning as well as direct-entry into college, professional apprenticeship programs, or a technical career.

ACE strives to accomplish these goals through a truly interdisciplinary and global approach that weaves traditional educational practices with cutting-edge and real-world project-based activities.

ACE fosters an educational environment that calls students to be critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators and creative in their approach to life and leadership within their community. ACE also calls upon teachers to be lifelong learners, while seeking progressive, collaborative, and creative methods to engage and educate the students in the international mindset.


Architecture Construction and Engineering Charter High School – inventing the future while honoring the past since 2010.