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Architecture Construction and Engineering Charter High School – inventing the future while honoring the past since 2010. ACE is an authorized IB World School for CP & California's only stand-alone IBCP school.

Back to School Forms

Dear Parents of 10th, 11th, 12th grade students,
Welcome back to the 2016-2017 School Year! 
Your students received the following today.  Please review and return the forms that need to be filled out by you and returned to the office by Monday August 15th, 2016. (Please disregard if you are a 9th grade parent.) 
1. UPDATED REVISED BUS ROUTES SCHEDULE  (effective onMonday August 15, 2016.) for you to keep

2. A/B Calender: for you to keep
3. Daily Schedule:  for you to keep 
  Please ask your students for these forms, complete the forms below and return by Monday August 15th, 2016. Thank you!
4. Lunch application - if you do not want to apply please write "do not wish to apply" on the application with your students name and return, we must have an application on file for all students.  Application takes 5-7 days to process, please send sack lunch or money until your application gets approved. Full price for lunch is $3.75
5. Bus Application:  If your students ride the bus at ANY TIME we need to have an application on file. 
6. Blue Military Survey - please complete and return 

Attached Files