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ACE Classroom Non-Negotiables

ACE Charter High School  

Classroom Non-Negotiables

  1. Electronic devices are prohibited unless directed otherwise by the teacher.
  2. When in a no food zone, absolutely no eating is allowed.
  3. All attire must be appropriate for an educational environment. This includes no hats, hoodies, sunglasses or gang attire.
  4. Only appropriate language is to be used in class.
  5. Absolutely no skateboards or bikes are visible on campus.
  6. All students are to respect the teacher’s personal space.
  7. Students must be seated in class before the bell.
  8. No students are to leave class without the teacher's permission.
  9. Only academic materials are allowed on desks.
  10. Students are only allowed to use the bathroom after the first and before the last twenty minutes of class.

Violation of any of these non-negotiables, leads to referrals and are addressed according to the ACE Discipline Policy.