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School Board Meeting

How to Attend a School Board Meeting:

Unless otherwise noted, ACE Charter High School Board meetings will take place at ACE Charter High School, located at 570 Airport Way, Camarillo, CA 93010. Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month and begin promptly at 5:30 PM with the closed session portion of the meeting.
Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, current meetings are being held via teleconference only. Members of the public may observe the meeting and offer public comment using the dial-in information above. Visitors are always welcome, and suggestions and comments are encouraged. Those wishing to address the Board on items not on the agenda may do so under "Audience to Address the Board of Directors." Those wishing to address the Board on agenda items may do so at the time the item is taken up for action. Please complete a Speaker Card located on the back table and present it to the recording secretary. In accordance with Education Code 35145.5, the Board cannot enter into a formal discussion or make a decision on any matter not on the agenda. The Board may take action to refer any subject discussed to a later meeting or to the Principal. The Board requests that all pagers and cell phones be turned off or placed on silent mode as a courtesy to those in the audience. In accordance with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and related federal regulations, individuals who require special accommodation, including but not limited to an American Sign Language interpreter, accessible seating or documentation in accessible formats, should contact Monica Arambula at the ACE Charter High School office (805) 437-1413 at least three days before the meeting date. Board agendas and minutes are available on the district's website at